Jan 14

Microsoft’s mobile version win10 or end of a preview version released

It is said that Microsoft will be Windows 10 adapter phone and tablet plans announced at the press conference on the 21st of this month.

According to the insiders, the Microsoft conference this month in 21, will show the mobile version of Windows 10 multiple functions. Which will include the adjustment of the user interface, makes the interface of mobile operating systems and desktop interface and the Xbox One more consistent interface. And Microsoft will also adjust the desktop version Windows 10, increase the night theme, which consistent with the mobile phone and tablet computer system.

Insiders said that the current Microsoft’s next generation mobile operating system is internally called Windows Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft will be the current Windows Phone and Windows RT systems integration, application of unified purpose is to make the same application can run on smartphones and tablets.

In addition, Microsoft recently released a Phone Insider application, which allows users to participate in Windows 10 Insider projects to help the mobile phone lovers and partners to test an earlier version of Windows 10. Although only Microsoft employees can use the application, but there is news that Microsoft will expand this application to a wider range of users.

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Oct 20

The right way to get back removed iMessages from iPhone

Now , more and more people used iPhone to contact other peoples according to the research, a lot of people first select message, then with a call, and by e-mail. If useful iMessage were removed on your iPhone, so what could you do? How you can recover deleted iMessage on iPhone? This story tell you a simple tool to get back iPhone removed iMessage with iPhone iMessage Recovery.

This iOS data recovery is a pro recovery tool that supplies dependable approaches to retrieve missed iMessages from iPhone 6/6 plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS. There’re three restoration modes in total to get back eliminated iMessages from iPhone via iPhone data Recovery: restore iMessages of iPhone by just scanning iPhone and retrieve removed iMessages from iTunes or iCloud backup for iPhone.


How come is iOS Data Recovery worth recommending? We will list its benefits for you as below:

1. iPhone Data Recovery is works with all iDevice; iPhone 6/6 plus/5s/5c/5/4S, iPad2/1/mini, iPod touch 5/4

2. In spite of you are Windows users or Mac users, you can download the right version of the computer and begin restoring.

3. It provides you with three ways: To straight scan your iPhone for removed data; to get back from iTunes backups and to retrieve from iCloud backup contents.

4. It can help you bring back contacts, SMS, images, audio, movies, book marks, notes, call history, and etc . without difficulty .

5. The steps to retrieve iPhone depleted data will be very easy that you need only two or three steps to finish retrieving.


Download the right version of the software below:

Download drfone for Windows Download drfone for iOS Mac version

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Sep 13

Huawei Backup – How to backup and restore Huawei device quickly

Factly, contents on Huawei smartphone might be easily lost since of different causes, like system crime, accidental deletion, virus infection, data format, and so forth .. Thereby, this can be very needed to backup data including contacts and sms messages from Huawei mobile to computer so that you can find those essential data with convenience regardless of time, place and life of the battery.

Here we can provide you a useful program – MobileTrans to solve the issue. By it, you can not just backup and restore your Huawei, but also transfer contacts, sms messages, call logs, pictures, songs, video and apps between iPhone, Android and Nokia (Symbian) phones – in just a single click!

download win version

Notice For Mac user:

If you want to backup and restore your Huawei Android device, dwonload MobileGo for Android (Mac) here.

If you want to transfer data between Huawei phone and other phone, you can download Mobiletrans (Mac) here.


1. How to Backup contents from Huawei smartphone to your computer

Select “Backup your phone” in the home-page. And then there will list the contents just like contacts, sms messages, image, music, video, etc. that you can back up from Huawei cellphone to computer, just tag that you want to back-up and click on “Start copy”.


2. How to restore data from computer to Huawei mobile

Click “Restore from Backups” in the homepage. Choose a backup format in the drop down list, then you are in the restore mode. So there will list the data you can restore from computer to your phone, just mark what you need to restore and press “Start copy”.


3. How to transfer data files from Huawei to a new one

Connect two phone to computer, choose “Phone to phone transfer” mode in the home-page, next you will go to the phone transfer scream. Huawei cellphone is displayed in the place of “Source” and another phone is displayed in the “Destination”, the contents will transfer from “Source” to “Destination”.( When you want transfer contents from the other smartphone to Huawei , click on “Flip” . ) So now, you can tag what need to transfer and hit “Start copy”.



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Aug 18

How you can Backup your Galaxy S2/S3

Intend to backup all of the contents from your Galaxy S2/S3 to the PC for worry that you may lose them by accident? Well, it is a good aspect to take safeguards in advance. But, doing Galaxy backup and restore is not as easy as pie . You must use a more qualified third-party software to help you.

When you are Windows user, we recommend you MobileTrans, which shines because of its great performance. Through this software, it is easy to backup Text messages, audio, images, movies, contacts, apps, call logs on your Galaxy to the pc effectively . With the software, you can also transfer those contents from your old phone to the new one immediately.


download win version

For Mac users, we recommend Wondershare MobileGo for Android (Mac), it is a good Android Manager for Mac, it is easy to backup and restore contents by using it quickly.

download mac version


The read the simple tutorial to learn how to backup and restore your Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 (for Windows users).


First, connect your mobile to computer with usb cable.


1. Backup files from Galaxy to computer

Get to the backup mode by hitting “Back up Your Phone” button in the main page. It is easy to backup the needed data to the computer, such as contacts, sms messages, call logs, movie, songs, photos, app, and so on. Pick the contents that you like to backup and simply click “Start Copy” key.


2. Restore from computer to Galaxy

Get to the the restore mode by clicking on “Restore from Backups” on home page. Pick a backup file format in the drop down list. When you get the stored backup data file that you would like to restore to your cellphone, press “Start Copy” to move the data from the backup file to your Galaxy. It’s not only works with backup copies created by Mobiletrans, but also works with backups created through other software, such as iTunes and BlackBerry Desktop Suite.



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Jul 02

What is the best Samsung Kies Alternative

Plenty of Samsung phone users thinking about whether there’s an alternative choice to while using Samsung Kies to manage Android . . . from cellphone or tablet to computer. Why people are not using Kies could be that the KIES is sucks and Samsung support sites were no use at all. Unbelievable that a named smartphone cannot sync MS Tasks and that calender apps don’t sync reliably, contacts double up and memo/notes are butchered. So back to the first topic, will there be an alternative to Samsung Kies that works anytime reliably (like a blackberry)?

kies sucks

And lo and behold… Found one called MobileGo for Android. The software have 2 versions that support Ms windows and Mac. WIth MobileGo, you can manage your Contacts, Text message, Audio, Pictures, Films and backup any data in your mobile easily. It is a wonderful assistant of mobile management, which assists you manage your android more conveniently.


MobileGo for Android also is able to wifi and USB cable connection that added mobility and advantages for users. There’s also amazing extras such as ability to display your phone screen display over your computer and control the icons by using mouse from there in place of tap or swipe. Text message input was also permitted from the PC/laptop straight to the tablet… wireless!


Different solutions:



It’s a custom mobile tool solution for managing the agenda, calendar and inbox of your cellphone directly from the Windows Computer desktop. This program enables you to build new contacts, modify mobile data for existing contacts in your address book, add new appointments or tasks to your calendar and allows you to send SMS from your PC through your phone’s network. This app as well allows you to move data to your phone’s file system.


Notice: Yet, this 3rd party applications most often comes along with advertising and technologies that are identical to malware or virus. While in the installation – cautiously read all the screens that appear. If you had clicked on decline on the second installing screen, the toolbar would not have been installed.

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Jun 09

How you can totally backup galaxy s4 to computer

When you search “ways to backup Samsung Galaxy s4 on computer” you will learn Samsung Kies is the most common software to utilize. But, the Kies is that great even it made by Samsung officially. In this tutorial, We will use Samsung kies alternative software call MobileGo. It enables you to back-up all the components in the Samsung Galaxy S4 quickly. And the software can keep the original quality of the contents and assist you back-up everything with simply one click. Now, simply check out the tutorial to find out how the program works.


To begin with, please link your devices by means of USB cables or WiFi following the guidelines on the main window.

android to iphone

The choices to back-up and to restore are both located on your device’s home screen, discover them under “Tools you may like”. On the primary user interface, your device model and brand name will be shown.

Click the blue One-Click Backup button. A file browser window will appear. By default, all folders on your gadget will be immediately selected. If this is ok, and the default location folder is acceptable, simply click “Back Up” to complete the process. You’re done. Simple enogh! With simply 1 click you have back-up the entire data on your PC.


How you can Restore Data

1. In the left column, click “Toolkit” and afterwards click the blue “Restore” button. A file browser window will appear. By default, all folders on your device will be immediately chosen. If this is ok, and you do not wish to add other files to your phone at this time, merely click “Restore” to complete the procedure.

2. Include Files to Restore: Along with your conserved phone settings and data, maybe you ‘d such as to include some new media, apps, etc. you’ve since built up. To include files, merely click the blue Add Fold button in the bottom left edge of the file browser window, below the folder list. This will bring up your Windows submit browser, with which you can select nevertheless many files you want to add.



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May 14

Ways to restore data on your iPhone with iPhone Data Recovery

Have you ever been anxious about one thing? In wrong cases, as jailbreak, iOS devices crash, delete info from your iPhone by touching the screen the wrong way and so on, your data is gone. However don’t despair. Below we suggest a Data Recovery tool for iPhone to fix this trouble, this iPhone Data Recovery is a professional and powerful software created to retrieve data from iOS handset, that can help you easily get back photos, videos, contacts, Text messages, call logs, and so on that you felt you ‘d lost .


This iPhone Data Recovery supply both Windows and Mac version, please download the right version below:

Download Windows version here, and Download Mac version here.

Three steps of how to get back iPhone files.

1. Connect your iPhone to the pc.

Run the program on your pc, and connect your device to the pc.

2. Scan your iPhone to get the lost data.

After connecting iPhone to the computer, you only click the “Start Scan” key on the main window, the recovery software application may initiate scanning your lost data from your devices immediately.

3. Preview and recover lost files from your iPhone.

After scan your iPhone, you can preview all deleted data on your devices, for example, contacts, messages, message attachments, call history, cam roll, picture stream, picture library, calendar, notes, reminders, voice memos and safari bookmark. When you want to restore all lost files at once, you can choose them all and click “Recover” button to restore all deleted data with one click, and store them on your computer or laptop.

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May 06

Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Win & Mac) Promotion code

Wondershare MobileGo Manage Everything on Android mobile phone from Your PC. MobileGo is a lifesaver for those who are fans of music and video, text a lot and juggle apps on their Android smartphone and tablets.

Get Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Win & Mac) Discount coupon here
Get Wondershare MobileGo Coupon code now

User review

1. I am Making use of Trail Variation And I experienced that … Cons: Simple to use, Google Play added to application that is wonderful, Don’t need to search for USB drive Since it automatically Search and install it. And work without needing USB. Awesome. I utilized various other Android Application however this is the very best. I call it My computer Suite. Pros: None …

2. Wow! The software works fine with my HTC One X. Assists me to eliminate contacts with no telephone number (no idea where they came from) and to appoint image to contact (image from my Mac gallery ). A lot more to discover! Thanks a lots.

3. I’ve been using Mobilego for more than a year now. And i can truthfully say that is much better than other management software available. It is an all-in-one deal. You don’t even need to install your phone supplier’s PC suite software with this set up. You can use it to manage your applications, music, videos photos, contact and text messages. Without a doubt highly recommended. It’s absolutely worth the cost.

4. I got a message that my registration is repeated being activated. I make certain that if you have the innovation to monitor the registration there has to be possibility to keep track of the device number on which it is being signed up time and again simply because I am not to be blamed and my paid registration is gonnaing be put on stake because you are only interested in one thing incomplete You have an outstanding program do something. little even more and find out who is utilizing my registration. Either the marketplace is full of such intercommunication program for the communication phone and the pcs.

5. This has to be the most ideal solution developed. Not requiring a USB cable to copy information to and from my cellphone and PC is handy and a time saver. I can express just how fantastic this item is, simply provide the trial a test drive and you would wonder how you ever got by without it. Thank you and please maintain the great work.

6. This tool is beast! My coz padlocked her cell phone by making too much attempts, thus locked. I then suggested this program to restore information. Data backed up, reflashed firmware, then did a bring back. The phone is now in working condition, without any files lost! Don’t try any options, go for MobileGo!

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May 05

How to Recover lost Text Messages from Android Mobile

As Android mobile are increasingly more integrated in our lives and we rely on text messages more we tend to keep more important information on them. In some cases this may be sensitive or emotional info, often it can be bank details or the time and date of a meeting. This is all ok before you touch the delete button accidentally or something goes wrong with an update forcing the device to erase your vital messages.

I make certain that while you are reading here you have now been through the panic, and right now you are seeking to recover your missed text messages. OKAY, Below comes the detailed tutorial of retrieving lost/deleted text message your from Android device.

You only need to have an Android Data Recovery, which is created for retrieving all the deleted along with lost and formatted messages along with contacts, photos, videos from Android Devices.


Step 1: Run the software and connect your Android device to the computer

After setting up the software on your computer, launch it.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging on your smartphone

Connect your Android mobile to the computer by an USB cable, when you have open the USB debugging on your Android, it will skip to step 3 straight. If not, you could need to turn to your Android phone and follow the below steps to enable USB debugging for your mobile:

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” (Click on “Applications” (Click on “Development” (Check “USB debugging”.
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” (Hit “Developer options” (Check “USB debugging”.
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” (Hit “About Phone” (Tap “Build number” for a few times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” (Back to “Settings” (Click on “Developer options” (Check “USB debugging”.

Step 3: Scan lost text messages on your Android mobile phone.

When you setting the USB debugging successfully, the Android retrieval software will identify your Android mobile directly. Now click on the “Start”switch in the middle of the home interface to let the program analyze and scan your phone. Before scanning your phone, you will be ask to move back to your device again to click “Allow”to keep ahead. Then you can click the”Start “to scan the deleted messages on your Android phone.

Step 4: Preview and revtrieve SMS from Android phone.

It may need a few minutes to scan data from your device, please wait patiently. As soon as the scan ends, you will see this Andriod Data Recovery can recover data as Messages, Contacts, Photos and Videos from your phone. Left press the”Messages”to preview every messages, then mark exactly what you wish and export them to your computer by clicking “Recover “.

Note: SMS got here contains those you lost recently (shown in orange )and those existing on your Android mobile (displayed in black). You can separate them by the tab above: Only display deleted items.

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Apr 23

Easy way Recover Lost Pics, Videos from Galaxy S3/S4/S5

Photos and videos are the best means to cherish good old days. A lot of Samsung Galaxy user said they have taken a great deal of pictures and videos in their daily life and save them on their Samsung phone. If you accidentally deleted some images, videos or any other media files from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, or formatted the media storage, don’t panic, the Android Data Recovery tool will enable you take the deleted files back.

Along with retrieving erased Media files, Android Data Recovery even can retrieve contacts and SMS files formatted or lost because of other reasons from numerous mobile phones. It’s truly a good recovery software for your data’s rescue. Follow quick steps show you how torecover deleted pictures, videos from your Galaxy S3/S4/S5.


Step 1. Run the Recovery Software and Plug in your Samsung Galaxy to pc

Launch the software, and then connect your Samsung S3/S4/S5 using a USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung phone

After connecting your phone to the computer successfully, you have to allow USB debugging on the phone to continue.
1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” (Hit “Applications” (Press “Development” (Check “USB debugging”.
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” (Click “Developer options” (Check “USB debugging”.
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” (Press “About Phone” (Tap “Build number” for several times up until getting a note “You are under developer mode” (Back to “Settings” (Press “Developer options” ( Check “USB debugging “. Note: If you fail to able it in the 1st time, attempt to disable it and reset it once more for several times.

Step 3. Begin to Scan your Phone for Analyzing Data.

In this step, you will get a window to tell you click” Start”button to go ahead. Then, you can return to the device screen, where you will get a message to select “Allow “to scan data on your mobile phone.

Step 4. Retrieve the Deleted Image on your computer.

Select the item “Gallery” to bring back the recovered images, videos. Await the recovery process now.

1. Don’t use your phone after data loss happens, so the data will not be overwritten.
2. It will be much more useful if you back up your device regularly.

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